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WPA was founded with the intention of providing services in a comfortable, client-focused manner. It is comprised of independent, separately established and insured psychologists who trust and value each other's competencies. We ask for your consent to collaborate to offer the best possible service. We are also very comfortable referring to trusted colleagues in the community--and won't hesitate to do so if your needs are better addressed in a different way.

We are licensed, experienced clinicians who conduct all aspects of the evaluation process ourselves.  The context and interactions matter in the assessment process and we take that to heart. Expertise comes in many forms--from knowing what measures to select, to forming rapport, planning a comfortable testing sequence, administering properly, scoring accurately, interpreting appropriately, writing sincerely--every component is impactful. 

We hope that you will enjoy learning a bit about us (including our own educational histories!) Please click below to read about each provider.  


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We are out-of-network psychological assessment providers who do not offer therapy. To get in our testing queue, click through the client portal tab.