Sonja Kubota Johanson, Psy.D. (Johansson Psychological Services, PLLC)

Sonja Kubota Johansson, Psy.D. (Johansson Psychological Services, PLLC)   


Washington International School, Washington, D.C (pre-K  through 12th) 
R√∂dabergsskolan, Stockholm, Sweden (5th grade) 
Waseda Sho-gakko, Tokyo, Japan (pre-k and elementary) 
B.S.  New York University  (Studio Art) 
Psy.D., George Washington University  (Clinical Psychology) 

Sonja Kubota Johansson, Psy.D.,  is a licensed clinical  psychologist in the District of Columbia  and Maryland. She also has the authority to practice  Interjurisdictional Telepsychology (APIT) in multiple states through PSYPACT.  Dr. Johansson maintains  virtual capabilities when required or requested, but is currently seeing most clients in-person. 
Dr. Johansson has experience in conducting neuropsychological and psychoeducational assessments from childhood into adulthood, and has particular interest in working with adolescents and young adults. 

Dr. Johansson has had opportunities to work with a diverse set of clients in various settings. At The George Washington University Center Clinic, Dr. Johansson conducted comprehensive assessments to aid diagnostic clarification and treatment planning, including academic accommodations where appropriate. Dr. Johansson has also conducted psychological evaluations for legal and immigration purposes, primarily for individuals seeking asylum. These cases shaped her commitment to culturally-informed approaches to the administration and understanding of assessment, and furthered her dedication to advocacy on behalf of clients. 

Dr. Johansson works collaboratively with clients and their support network to provide holistic and individually tailored evaluations. She is dedicated to creating a welcoming atmosphere for clients and emphasizes relationship-building as an integral part of a successful evaluation. As a multilingual and mixed race clinician, Dr. Johansson appreciates the importance of history and context when evaluating any client, and integrates these factors throughout the assessment process. 
Dr. Johansson is passionate about working with students of all levels and capabilities, and holds expertise in navigating higher education systems. Dr. Johansson completed her pre-doctoral internship at Stanford University Counseling and Psychological Services, and a postdoctoral fellowship at Georgetown University Counseling and Psychiatric Services. Since then, she served as the Global Wellness Counselor at New York University in D.C. and is currently working as a part-time staff psychologist at The Catholic University of America Counseling Center. Dr. Johansson is also in private practice where she provides therapy services to individuals and couples. Additionally, she can be found teaching yoga and mindfulness skills to teens and adults in the D.C. area. 


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