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Within the office, we specialize in:

  • Helping you to undertand prior evaluation reports and take the next steps (i.e. toward an IEP, finding the right therapist, approaching school personnel, identifying specialists, and talking to your children about what results mean).
  • Contemplating whether or not assessment is needed
  • Reviewing existing information to help organize advocacy efforts

WPA clinicians also provide a variety of services outside of the office. At present, we are available to assist in creating 504 and Individualized Educational Programs (IEP’s), compensatory education plans, school-based crisis-intervention and treatment programming. 

We can also facilitate educator, administrator, and attorney appreciation of test results. The presentation can be tailored for specific groups (i.e. Admissions committee, Office of Disability Services, Bar association, learning center, parent organization) and targeted needs. Select topics include:

  • Basic psychometrics: What does validity mean? standard score? percentile rank?
  • Basic test identification: What measure would give me more information about reading comprehension? What is the MMPI?
  • Basic interpretation strategies: What is a significant difference between scores? How is a learning disability diagnosed?
  • When might testing be most useful: What should teachers look for? Parents? Probation officers?
  • Unique needs of special populations such as multilingual children, gifted and learning disabled students, individuals coping with the multi-faceted impacts of trauma, etc...
  • What should you expect from an assessment psychologist: How are we guided by our ethical code? What standards of practice are in place? How do you know if we are properly qualified?

If you are interested in consultation, please do not hesitate to call (202.374.5756) and Dr. Grasso will be happy to discuss.


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