Jane Howitt, M.A.

janeBronxville Elementary School Bronxville, NY
Bronxville Middle School Bronxville, NY
Bronxville High School Bronxville, NY
B.A., Northwestern University (Political Science)
M.A., George Washington University (Forensic Psychology)
Psy.D. in progress, George Washington University (Clinical Psychology)

Jane Howitt, MA has significant administrative experience. She worked as a program administrator for the Forensic Psychology Program at the George Washington University for the past three years. Previous to that position, she was the director of operations for a small business. Jane is also a student in the clinical psychology doctoral program at the George Washington University. Her area of focus is psychological assessment. Jane is delighted to have an administrative role in an assessment setting, and she is passionate about helping to provide an open and welcoming testing environment. 


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