Jaime Hopkins, Ph.D

Jaime L. Hopkins, Ph.D.

Winfield Elementary School Westminster, MD
New Windsor Middle New Windsor, MD
South Carroll High School Sykesville, MD
BS Mount St. Mary’s University (Psychology)
Ph.D.  Nova Southeastern University (Clinical Psychology)

During the summer of 2020, Dr. Hopkins and her family will be relocating to Sofia, Bulgaria for her husband’s new assignment as the Naval Attache. She will be continuing her work as a Clinical Preceptor for Navy substance abuse counselors across military bases in Italy, as well as providing Telehealth services through the Truman Group. We will miss her expertise, kindness, and ability to be unfazed by any challenge! Dr. Hopkins is happy to be in touch with prior clients--please call our office for her contact information.

Jaime Hopkins, Ph.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist in the state of Florida and the District of Columbia.  She worked as a psychologist across many contexts over the past 15 years but specializes in the assessment and treatment of children and adolescents with varying emotional, behavioral and/or learning needs. Her interest in child psychology began during her undergraduate work as an early intervention specialist for children diagnosed on the autism spectrum. Dr. Hopkins continued her training throughout graduate school within the birth to five population for children suspected of early developmental delays but worked across a wider spectrum in terms of ages and clinical needs throughout her career. She has over 10 years experience utilizing principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), is formally ADOS and ADOS-2 trained (2006 and 2013); and leads development of WPA protocols for both Autism screening and more comprehensive evaluation.

Dr. Hopkins has extensive experience conducting assessments and providing consultation within the school community. She has served on student support teams to aide in the eligibility determination process for special education, development of classroom accommodations and/or IEP treatment goals and objectives. During the assessment process, when available and/or desired, Dr. Hopkins utilizes classroom observation and teacher consultation to gather information for a fuller diagnostic picture, rather than a quick clinic snapshot. Dr. Hopkins aims to draw attention to each child’s individual strengths and how they can be utilized to not only help offset weaknesses, but to build confidence and a stronger love for learning. She uses her experiences from working closely with teachers, administrations, and related service providers to create more realistic, functional and individualized report recommendations.

Dr. Hopkins has provided assessment and intervention services in many locations from Miami, FL to Oahu, HI and throughout the international community in Tokyo, Japan. She appreciates that each child comes from a unique background which is particularly important to understand when developing the initial assessment plan. Dr. Hopkins prides herself in her ability to quickly build rapport with children and their families, regardless of their background, prior to beginning the formal assessment process. She recognizes that for many children (and their parents), this is the first experience in a formal assessment setting and utilizes many practiced skills to get them laughing, at ease and feeling confident, which allows them to perform their very best.

Outside of her work with WPA, Dr. Hopkins serves as an Adjunct Professor of Psychology at UMUC and a supervisor to military counselors. She is a strong advocate of practicing mindfulness, in her work and home life as a military spouse and mom of 2 young girls.


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