Kimberly N. Robinson, Ph.D.

Kimberly N. Robinson, Ph.D

Kimberly RobinsonNambour Nursery Paget, Bermuda  
Escuela De Montessori, Los Angeles, CA  
International Children’s School, Los Angeles, CA  
St. Bernard Catholic High School, Playa Del Rey, CA
B.A. University of California at Berkeley (Psychology)  
M.Ed. Howard University (Counseling Psychology)  
Ph.D. Howard University (Counseling Psychology)  

Kimberly N. Robinson, Ph.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist in the District of Columbia and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  She is currently virtual only.  Since the beginning of her career, she has maintained a passion for psychological testing and evaluation of individuals across the lifespan. Early in her career, after completing her master’s degree, she spent time in Bermuda providing school based testing services for students with identified and unidentified learning challenges.This experience further cemented her interest and desire to architect culturally competent psychoeducational evaluations that accurately and thoughtfully encapsulate a child’s current level of functioning to both parents and the educational support team.  

After spending a couple of years in Bermuda, Dr. Robinson returned to the U.S. to pursue her doctorate degree. During her matriculation, she continued to increase her testing assessment knowledge and skills which led to testing specific clinical opportunities in a variety of contexts including the Psychiatric Institute of Washington and District of Columbia Superior Courts. Simultaneously, she continued to complete psychoeducational evaluations for private, public, and non-public school students on a contractual basis in both D.C. and Maryland. As her skillset became more refined, her desire to acquire a mastery level of  knowledge and experience grew steadily and exponentially which allowed for both personal and professional development. By the end of her doctoral degree, Dr. Robinson had carved out a lifelong interest, passion, and commitment to providing competent and user friendly client-centered psychological evaluative services.

Dr. Robinson’s postdoctoral track led to a few years spent working as the Director of Testing at Howard University Counseling Services. This opportunity allowed for time to gain additional experience and fine tuning in the provision of psychotherapy while also developing and managing the testing program for college age students with learning disabilities. The three years spent on a University campus surrounding by the bustling neighborhood allowed for continued access to the local culture and community which included various educational settings. On a contractual basis, Dr. Robinson had the opportunity to continue increasing her testing skills in both forensic and school based settings. After gaining her initial license, she began providing supplemental evaluation services to the District of Columbia Public Schools, D.C. Charter Schools, and privately for varying law firms. Participating in a multitude of multidisciplinary teams further allowed for a better understanding of the internal processes that can impact a student’s or client’s development. It was at this point that the use of culturally competent psychological evaluations with effective and personalized recommendations became an integral component in her budding interest in advocating for students and their identified or unidentified educational needs.

The next decade was spent providing auxiliary services to numerous agencies in the District including but not limited to Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency, District of Columbia Public Schools, Department on Disability Services, and Department of Behavioral Health. She has worked with a plethora of children, adolescents, and adults with the same level of commitment, competency, and fervor since the early days of her career. While her assessment and conceptualization skills have expanded tremendously, her love for the field of psychological testing has sustained itself over the course of her career.

In Dr. Robinson’s spare time, she is busy hockey mom of two teenage boys with ADHD.  On a personal side, she understands the challenge in navigating the process of searching for and finding a provider that will create a safe, comfortable and friendly working alliance with their child so that they can perform at their optimal level. She also appreciates the importance of producing and receiving a child’s evaluation that authentically represents the complexities of who they are at that time and how to best serve their needs.

Dr. Robinson is a member of National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology and Psi Chi Honor Society. In her spare time, she is an avid sports fan and former collegiate athlete so she continues to participate in athletics as both an observer and participant. She also loves to travel and take advantage of every opportunity.


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