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common questions

Q: What is the testing process like?

We are happy to schedule a brief complimentary telephone consultation to discuss what you hope to gain from an evaluation and to share our general procedures.  ( approximately15-20 minutes; free)

In order to establish a comprehensive understanding of your needs, evaluators will meet with you for an in-person intake*. This meeting entails review of prior records and reports as well as a developmental history form we provide, discussion of relevant history, identification of current concerns, and in-depth review of what type of testing may be necessary, and what will be involved in the process. This allows us to select the appropriate measures and approaches to address the question(s) at hand, which culminates in creation of an individualized evaluation plan. Following this meeting, the evaluator will send you a formal assessment agreement, which outlines the purpose/nature of testing, associated cost, time involved, and related expectations of both the evaluator and the participant.  (approximately 60 minutes as well as time to complete/review forms in advance; $300)  *Intake may be bypassed under some conditions. In most cases, fees are waived for returning families.

A full battery of tests typically requires several hours to complete and we emphasize the client’s needs and comfort in establishing a schedule for evaluation. Testing will be split up or consolidated if indicated but is most often completed on 2 or 3 separate dates.  While work is occurring in the office, parents, teachers, spouses, and others are serving as collateral resources to provide input via various questionnaires. The testing process is a dynamic one, and as information is collected, an evaluator may consult with you to adjust your individualized evaluation plan to perhaps abbreviate or supplement it. Once the proper information has been obtained through clinical evaluation, interview, and consultation, evaluators score, analyze, and interpret data which is then compiled in a formal written report. We customize the report based on its intended audience and include thorough, targeted recommendations. In most cases, this report will be completed within three weeks of final data collection. 

We schedule a follow-up feedback appointment to share the report with you, review the findings, discuss any questions and concerns, and assist you in contemplating next steps. (approximately 75-90 minutes; included in testing fees)

Based on your preferences, we can then help schools, physicians, and other providers integrate report results.

Q: Do you accept insurance?

While Washington Psychology Associates is considered an “out of network” provider, which means you may get reimbursed a percentage of our fees by your insurance company. We will be happy to assist you by providing the documentation you need to submit to your insurance to request reimbursement.

Q: Do insurance companies cover testing?

The answer to this question depends on your individual plan and insurer, as well as the type of testing being done. Typically, insurance companies tend not to cover Educational and Admissions testing, but may cover a percentage of broader diagnostic psychological or neuropsychological testing. Often times, insurers base their coverage approval on a diagnosis, which cannot be determined until after the testing is complete.

Q: How do ADHD and Learning Disorders get assessed?

There is no one single test that can determine whether an individual has ADHD or a Learning Disorder. The process of assessing and diagnosing ADHD and LD’s is much like assembling a puzzle, in that it involves putting pieces of information together from various sources to make sense of the bigger picture. Washington Psychology Associates utilizes a comprehensive process and works with individuals and families to gather the information necessary to make a reliable and informative diagnostic assessment. Initially, we conduct an in-depth clinical interview to get a strong understanding of the nature of the question at hand. Based on our conversation (and often times information gathered from collateral sources such as family members and teachers), we choose an individualized battery of tests that will best address the issues to be evaluated.

Q: Can you help me communicate therapeutic needs or testing results to others?

Washington Psychology Associates practitioners are legally and ethically bound to maintain your confidentiality and we uphold this responsibility with the utmost care. It is only with your written consent that we can consult with others about you or your child. We recognize that you may need help interfacing with other interested parties such as a psychiatrist, a child’s educational team, or an attorney. With your permission, and in accordance with American Psychological Association (APA) and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requirements, we are available to provide consultation services.




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