Bin It A Amin Phd

Troy Montessori
Eastover Elementary School
East Hills Middle School
B.A. University of Michigan
M.S. Institute of Psychology, Illinois Institute of Technology (Child/Adolescent Clinical Psychology)
Ph.D. Institute of Psychology, Illinois Institute of Technology (Child/Adolescent Clinical Psychology)

Binita Amin, M.S., Ph.D. is a licensed Clinical Psychologist in the District of Columbia and sees children ages 6+ for admissions testing.

Dr. Amin has been working formally with children and adolescents since 1998. She has practiced directly within the academic settings of younger populations, to include school based social-emotional interventions and testing. Dr. Amin factors available insights from all parties invested in a client’s interest, in order to generate a multi-dimensional perspective on each individual’s unique functioning.

Dr. Amin has accumulated a vast range of testing experience, to include psychoeducational, social-emotional, and neuropsychological assessments. She has worked with diverse populations, ranging in age, culture, and socioeconomic status. Dr. Amin has addressed concerns of varying complexities.

In order to help her clients perform to their highest potential, Dr. Amin starts by meeting the individual where they are. She utilizes humor, creativity, caring, and warmth to guide participants through their testing process. Moreover, Dr. Amin takes care to ensure accommodations are made to suit particular testing needs.

Outside of testing for Washington Psychology Associates, Dr. Amin treats adult clients through therapy in her own private practice within the same office suite. She has worked with individuals at various stages in life and career. Dr. Amin primarily works with individuals experiencing challenges with adjustment to life transitions, relationships, as well as with treating mild to moderate symptoms of anxiety and depression. Her treatment incorporates cognitive-behavioral, short-term solution-focused, and mindfulness approaches.

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